Joyful and relaxed Formentera wedding in white

If I had to describe this wedding with only two words, I’d chose “beauty” and “joy”. And you will see why…
The Gioia and Justin have been vacationing on the island of Formentera since the very beginning of their relationship, and Gioia calls it “home number two”. So when it came to making the decision of where to celebrate their love, they knew it couldn’t be anywhere else, not London (where they live), not Italy (where the bride is from), not New Zealand (where the groom is from). Just that small balearic island. Continue reading

Unique and DIY-inspired wedding in Northern Spain

Jennifer and Ludovic live in London, met in Brussels and got married in Gijon, Spain, where the bride is from originally.
They had guests from all over the world join them for their nuptials, and from the 900+ wedding pictures I have seen, they had a very emotional ceremony, an incredible banquet (this region is known for its outstanding gastronomy), and tons of fun.
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