Monthly roundup: Best links for March

lavender field styled shoot

Byron loves Fawn via Magnolia Rouge


After much pondering, I have decided to start a “favorite links” feature.

I had been toying with the idea basically since I started this blog, but for some reason I always thought a list of links wouldn’t provide valuable content to my readers ….but then I realized that

a) I for one really enjoy reading other bloggers’ favorite links and
b) no bride will ever be able to dig as deeply into the blogosphere as I do (not if she has a day job, anyways).

So a favorite links list might actually be useful for my audience.

Instead of the more common weekly links, I am going to make this a monthly roundup, to be published every last Friday of the month. And because I’m a bit of a nerd, I divided the list into categories.

So here’s what I loved in March…. let me know what you think, will ya?




Real Weddings


Wedding Inspiration








For bloggers/business owners


  1. So happy you decided to do this!! You all find the best things out there!!! Cannot wait to go over each link!!! Happy Weekend!

    29th March 2013
    • Happy you like the new feature :-)!!

      31st March 2013
  2. I like favorite links features on blogs, it’s like an big magazine just in time for weekend. I glass of lemonade and tons of links. :)

    Happy Easter!

    29th March 2013
  3. Wow – I’m so honored that you picked the branding article as one of your best of the month! Thanks so much!!

    29th March 2013

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