Bridal side braids: Techniques and tutorials

Hi guys, as promised I am back with braid tutorials this afternoon…so if you liked the brides’ hairstyles this morning, take note!


1. Simple three-strand side braid:

I think we all know how to do a regular braid with three sections.
Side braids look great if have a lot of hair, and there are tricks to make them appear thicker. The most obvious is to wear clip-in extensions, as you can see here in this easy tutorial for a messy side braid.


Sarah Chapman for A Beautiful Mess

Another option is to tease the different strands before braiding, I found this tutorial on A Beautiful Mess that I really liked.


Kristine Ess via The Beauty Department

 Or you can do a “braid in a braid”, as shown above. You simply braid of the three strands beforehand and then go on to braid as usual. I do that a lot and it adds so much texture and volume to this hairstyle.


2. The four-strand braid:

Sincerely, Kinsey

There are several techniques to do a braid with four sections, and quite frankly, I prefer the easiest one, as shown in this post by Sincerely, Kinsey.
Whenever I do it, you’ll find me in front of the mirror going “over, under… under, over”. It’s real easy, I promise. In case you need more convincing, here is a video tutorial. If you weave in a strand of lace you’ll get a really romantic-boho look.


3. Fishtail braid:

Tutorial: 1011 MakeUp, Photography: Lane Dittoe, via Wedding Chicks

The fishtail braid is easier than it seems and it is such a gorgeous look. The above photo is from a tutorial on Wedding Chicks, where they used very small side sections for a more refined look. If you prefer a more casual fishtail braid, check out this video tutorial, I really love the outcome:



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