Friday DIY roundup: Advent calendars

I have very fond memories of advent calendars, they were an important part of Christmas in my childhood and my Mum would typically craft them herself each year… I remember a hot air ballon with little gifts tied to its wicker basket, for example…

So I just had to put together an advent calendar roundup today, although it’s not exactly a wedding-related theme. Enjoy, you still have seven more days to DIY until December starts!


One and two: My friend Johanna Rundel designed both of these calendars with upcycled paper cups for magazine See instructions here.

Three: Another find from Brigitte, I love the animal theme, it’s so different. Some of these free prints would work great for this DIY!
Four: Glassine bags are always a good idea, and I like the way how they are stamped, two for one motif. The picture is from this Dawanda Shop, but this is easily crafted at home!
Five: Washi tape and instead of little treats, paper scraps with love notes/wishes/vouchers… I am loving this whimsical flag calendar from Brigitte, see instructions here.

Six: Again, washi tape, this time with clothespins, arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree. Lovely tutorial from Stylizmo.
Seven: I selected this one because of its nice printables, use these numbers from Room for Emptiness and get creative!
Eight: The ladies from Hey Look never cease to amaze me, here you can find instructions and printables for this awesome black and white box calendar.

Nine: And, last but not least, a whimsical Christmas tree calendar from Oh Happy Day. It includes a downloadable template for the little flags, nice! (Photography Aubrey Trinnaman)


If you like the nordic black and white look, please also check out this tutorial.  Or if you prefer tinsel and pinks, see here. And now….. get crafty!


  1. I saw the one with the animals yersterday and I totally felt in love with it, but my advent calender for this year is already been “produced”. So I have to wait until next year… ;))

    26th November 2012

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