A Bridal Editorial Shot in Nature

Styled Shoot in Nature with simple bouquet by Pamela Leite-01


A gorgeous model set against one of the most naturally picturesque landscapes we’ve laid eyes on in a while is what’s in store for you today!

Situated in gorgeous Portugal, João de Medeiros and Pamela Leite from M Fotografia did justice to all the elements in this bridal editorial. From the photographers: “The shoot was inspired by the beauty of nature and simple things… me and João wanted an emotional and spiritual approach, just like our romantic view of life.”   


Styled Shoot in Nature with simple bouquet by Pamela Leite-02

Styled Shoot in Nature with simple bouquet by Pamela Leite-03

Styled Shoot in Nature with simple bouquet by Pamela Leite-04

Styled Shoot in Nature with simple bouquet by Pamela Leite-05

Styled Shoot in Nature with simple bouquet by Pamela Leite-06

Styled Shoot in Nature with simple bouquet by Pamela Leite-07

Styled Shoot in Nature with simple bouquet by Pamela Leite-08

Styled Shoot in Nature with simple bouquet by Pamela Leite-09

Styled Shoot in Nature with simple bouquet by Pamela Leite-10

Styled Shoot in Nature with simple bouquet by Pamela Leite-11

Styled Shoot in Nature with simple bouquet by Pamela Leite-12

Styled Shoot in Nature with simple bouquet by Pamela Leite-13

Photography: João de Medeiros // Styling & creative direction: João de Medeiros & Pamela Leite Fotografia // Floral Design: Pamela Leite // Hair & makeup: Mimi Rose // Wedding Dress: Gio Rodrigues


From Bouquet to Outfit: La vie en Rose

pink and white poppy and posie bouquet

I haven’t done a From Bouquet to Outfit post in a long time (I really wish the day had a few more hours), but thankfully we have Belle & Chic contributor Zaida who decided to give me a hand with these posts. So today we have an elegant evening outfit in light pink, inspired by above ranunculus and anemones bouquet.

What I love about this that it can be a bridesmaid’s as well as as bride’s outfit (maybe exchanging the black sandals and accessories for white or metallic ones)… In any case, it’s an elegant combination!


From bouquet to outfit: La vie en rose 


Romantic Old Farmhouse Wedding on Crete

Crete Wedding-from Sara Pavlatou-10


If you’re in need of a little dose of pretty today, then you’ve come to the right place. Because a bride in a beautiful Reem Acra dress transports us right into wedding heaven…

This US couple came to Greece along with 150 of their close friends to have an Orthodox ceremony on Crete. Neither had ever been to the island before, but they were taken with a wedding Sara from SP Weddings had organized there previously and wanted a similar set up. The venue is a 16th century farmhouse… Go on and get whisked away by this lovely affair!


Crete Wedding-from Sara Pavlatou-03

Crete Wedding-from Sara Pavlatou-05

Crete Wedding-from Sara Pavlatou-06

Crete Wedding-from Sara Pavlatou-07

Crete Wedding-from Sara Pavlatou-08

Crete Wedding-from Sara Pavlatou-09

Crete Wedding-from Sara Pavlatou-11

The Bride on choosing Greece: “Both of our families have Greek ties. My entire extended family lives in Greece and I’ve spent almost every summer there, so it is very much a part of my identity and formation. Nick’s family has been in the US for a few generations but still feel a close connection to Greece.  Having the wedding in Crete gave our families an opportunity to meet and vacation together in that island paradise.”

Crete Wedding-from Sara Pavlatou-12

Crete Wedding-from Sara Pavlatou-13

Crete Wedding-from Sara Pavlatou-14

Crete Wedding-from Sara Pavlatou-15

On their DIY work: “Our extraordinary coordinator did most of the DIY! She made the hanging poofs, candles around the pool, table settings, and so much more!”

Crete Wedding-from Sara Pavlatou-16

Crete Wedding-from Sara Pavlatou-17

Crete Wedding-from Sara Pavlatou-18

Crete Wedding-from Sara Pavlatou-19

Crete Wedding-from Sara Pavlatou-20

Her tip on planning a destination wedding: “My advice would be find an excellent venue and an excellent wedding planner. Planners know how to organize weddings; if your hired planner gets you then you won’t have to deal with planning anxiety thousands of miles away. Or, you won’t have to deal with much of the planning at all.”

Crete Wedding-from Sara Pavlatou-21

Crete Wedding-from Sara Pavlatou-22

Photographer: Nikos Gogas // Wedding Coordinator: SP Weddings // Venue: Metohi Kindelis // Bride’s Dress: Reem Acra


Guestpost: DIY Pinwheel Tutorial

Pinwheel DIY tutorial from Ein Hochzeitsblog_0002


Hi everybody, my name is Chris, I am a German wedding blogger (Ein Hochzeitsblog) and I am very excited to share a little DIY on this beautiful blog with you today! I love crafting and I hope you enjoy creating these small pinwheels, maybe as a favor and/or place cards for your wedding guests.


Pinwheel DIY tutorial from Ein Hochzeitsblog_0000

Here is what you need for your little paper-wheels:

medium weight paper (a little bit thicker than normal copy paper)
the names of your guests printed on heavy-weight paper or card stock
circle punch
bone folder
masking tape
set square
optional: small clothespins

Pinwheel DIY tutorial from Ein Hochzeitsblog_0004

These are actually very easy to make, if you know just one little thing (btw – I learned this from Happy Go Wedding). Forget everything else about crafting pinwheels, and remember this magical formula:


That’s the relation of width and length of the paper you have to cut. So if you want to create small pinwheels like I did here, you will need a piece of paper 3 cm wide and 22,5 cm long.

Pinwheel DIY tutorial from Ein Hochzeitsblog_0005

1. Use your set square and the bone folder to mark the folding lines, about half a centimeter apart.
2. Fold the paper like an accordion

Pinwheel DIY tutorial from Ein Hochzeitsblog_0006

3. Glue it together – now it looks like a lampshade.
4. Press it flat and attach the paper strip with the name on it. Hold it tight for a while, until it is firmly glued on. It will maintain the paper flat.

Pinwheel DIY tutorial from Ein Hochzeitsblog_0003

5. If you want, you can attach a clothespin on the back and put your little artwork on a drinking glass or – like here – on a small vase.
That’s it! I hope you love my small idea. I really love weddings where you can find hand-crafted details… They don’t have to be perfect – but they are always made with love. And isn’t that the most important thing?!



An Elegant Affair at Lake Como

Pale blue and organge Italy wedding_0002


Pale blue and orange isn’t a color combo we often see in weddings, so it was such a delightful surprise to see it in Liz and Richard’s! They used the color palette so wonderfully that it wasn’t at all overwhelming or tacky.

Now take a stunning backdrop like Lake Como and a bespoke, vintage-inspired dress and you have a truly remarkable wedding. Gaaaah, and that headpiece that Liz was wearing – gorgeous!

Hope these lovely photos from Paperkite Photography inspire some details for your big day too! Enjoy!


Pale blue and organge Italy wedding_0003

Lake Como Wedding-from Paperkite-01

Lake Como Wedding-from Paperkite-03

The Bride on finding her dress and headpiece: “My dress was bespoke by a young up and coming Sydney based Australian Bridal designer Leah Da Gloria. Because of her, I was able to have the dress of my dreams as she was able to understand my vision and make it happen. My headpiece was a bespoke design by another Sydney based Australian designer Viktoria Novak

Lake Como Wedding-from Paperkite-04

Pale blue and organge Italy wedding_0001

Pale blue and organge Italy wedding_0000

Lake Como Wedding-from Paperkite-05

Lake Como Wedding-from Paperkite-06

Lake Como Wedding-from Paperkite-07

Lake Como Wedding-from Paperkite-08

On choosing Italy: “I have always loved Italy!  Our first holiday as a couple was spent in Italy so it just felt like the right place. Plus the scenery is amazing!”

Lake Como Wedding-from Paperkite-09

Lake Como Wedding-from Paperkite-10

Lake Como Wedding-from Paperkite-11

Lake Como Wedding-from Paperkite-12

On their DIY elements: “We made the menu cards, the table seating plans, tied the ribbon onto the backs of the chairs, had a stamp made to stamp the wedding date and ‘thank you’ onto our wedding favours, bagged up the wedding favours and pegged them!”

Lake Como Wedding-from Paperkite-13

Lake Como Wedding-from Paperkite-14

Lake Como Wedding-from Paperkite-15

Lake Como Wedding-from Paperkite-16

Lake Como Wedding-from Paperkite-17

The groomsmen wore the same as the groom. We wanted a relaxed look for the men so we made them wear the same linen Marks and Spencers suit with the same tie. The small detail that was different was that the groomsmen wore orange socks and the groom wore paisly print orange and blue socks

Lake Como Wedding-from Paperkite-18

Lake Como Wedding-from Paperkite-19

Lake Como Wedding-from Paperkite-20

Lake Como Wedding-from Paperkite-21

On what they gave as wedding favors: ”Macarons as they are one of our favourite treats! We got them made to our color scheme and flavours by the sweet department at La Rinascente in Milan”

Lake Como Wedding-from Paperkite-22

Lake Como Wedding-from Paperkite-23

Photographer: Paperkite Photography // Venue: Domaso, Lake Como // Catering: Le 5 Case // Bride’s Dress: Leah Da Gloria // Bride’s Headpiece: Viktoria Novak // Favors: La Rinascente

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