Recipe: Minestrone with Ricotta Meatballs

Ana from Fluxi on Tour is back with one of her delicious Mediterranean-inspired recipes! This time she will show us how to prepare Minestrone soup, a healthy and yummy break from all the heavy holiday food… Take it away Ana!

Minestrone Soup Recipe from Fluxi On Tour_0004

“Hello there! I hope you are all enjoying the pre-Christmas time with good food and good company. The weather might be cold outside and the days short, but we are definitely not short on delicious bites during the winter. I’m all in when it comes to sweets and hearty meals, yet from time to time I need something lighter to reboot my digestion and calm down my taste buds so I can start over again.

My most comforting, easy, go-to food for cozy hours on the couch watching some TV series is definitely a good bowl of soup. A few weeks ago at my local grocery store I came across an Italian classic – the Minestrone – and have been making it ever since. I just love it for its simplicity and deliciousness. There is no right or wrong when it comes to Minestrone – with whatever vegetables, rice, noodles, broth or meat you have at home, you are good to go.

For this Minestrone I wanted to add some meat, (husband has to be happy, too) and instead of noodles I used barley, to make a more crunchy version. I’m super happy how it turned out and you should give this Italian staple a try – there are few more cold days to come. I wish you all happy holidays and a great start into the new year! xo, Ana”

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500g ground chicken
50g finely grated parmesan
1 egg
2 tea spoons dry oregano
150 g ricotta
salt and pepper to taste
2 tbsp olive oil

2tbsp olive oil
11/2 liter vegetable or chicken broth
4-5 carrots
5 spring onions
3 garlic cloves
250g sweet peas ( frozen)
1/2 coffee mug barley

some grated parmesan
2 tbsp butter
1 tea spoons pesto

Minestrone Soup Recipe from Fluxi On Tour_0002

Minestrone Soup Recipe from Fluxi On Tour_0000


1. Place chicken, egg, parmesan, oregano, salt and pepper into a bowl and mix until well combined. Add ricotta and fold in until your mixture is evenly mixed. With wet hand, form small balls.

2. Heat the olive oil on medium heat, add the meatballs and cook for about 6-8 minutes or until golden brown, turning frequently. Remove the meatballs from the pan and set aside on a paper towel.

3. Wash, peel and cut the carrots and onions into rings. Peel and cut the garlic into thing slices.

4. In a larger pot heat 2 tbsp olive oil, add onions and garlic and sautee for about 2 minutes. Add carrots and sweet peas and stew for about 2 minutes. Add the broth, cover and on medium heat bring to boil.

5. As soon as the soup boils add barley and cook everything for 10-15 minutes. Depends on how al dente your want your veggies to be.

6. Mix the butter with the pesto.

7. Serve the soup in a bowl, sprinkle with some parmesan cheese and enjoy it with some bread and pesto-butter.

Minestrone Soup Recipe from Fluxi On Tour_0005

Photos, text and recipes: Fluxi on Tour


Sponsor: Promessi Weddings & Events

Promessi Wedding Planner Croatia_0000


My belles, say hello to Promessi Weddings & Events, a new member of the Belle & Chic family and our first sponsor from Croatia! They are known as “the Wedding Fairies”, because they make the dreams come true for more and more people who need assistance in organizing their “special day” in Croatia, no matter how small or big their budget is. Here is how they describe their mission and work:


Promessi Wedding Planner Croatia_0001

“As the very name suggests, ‘Promessi’ symbolizes two kindred spirits, soul mates promised to each other for eternity. As professional wedding planners specialized in tailor-made weddings, we endeavor to be a part of that promise.

Croatia is an ideal wedding destination for everybody eager to be dazzled by the Mediterranean in all its natural and historic beauty and cultural and gastronomic variety. We are proud to have successfully managed many projects in Split, Trogir, Omiš, Makarska and on nearby islands Hvar, Brač, Šolta, Korčula and Vis, each of them being the best proof of the high level of professionalism of the Promessi wedding planners.”

Promessi Wedding Planner Croatia_0003

Promessi Wedding Planner Croatia_0002

Promessi Wedding Planner Croatia_0004

“We have gained experience that goes well beyond organising weddings and other events in Croatia. We always come up with something unique, tailor-made exactly for the people we had the pleasure and the privilege of getting to know and who have become our dear friends. 

Go far beyond your wildest dreams and reward yourself with the true Mediterranean fairy-tale that you deserve. Promessi wedding planners will make your destination wedding in Croatia a story to be told for years to come.”

Promessi Wedding Planner Croatia_0005

Promessi Wedding Planner Croatia_0006

Promessi Wedding Planner Croatia_0007

Promessi Wedding Planner Croatia_0008

Sounds like someone you’d like to work with? Perfect! You can find out more about Promessi Weddings & Events, their services, Croatia wedding venues and read testimonials of former couples right here.


Photography: Mario Paparela, Studio Val and Marinković Weddings.  

Bohemian-inspired Ibiza Beach Wedding

Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza


Nadja and Jean Carl are modern nomads – she is from Germany, he is from Lebanon and, being a photographer and concert & event organizer, they travel non-stop and call the globe their home. So what could have been more appropriate for them than a bohemian-inspired Ibiza wedding? The personalized celebration took place at Atzaro Beach and included a spiritual sunset ceremony as well as a party that lasted until the morning hours, with guests from all over the world. And everything was captured beautifully by En Route Photography


Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza

Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza

Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza

Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza

Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza

Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza

Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza

Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza

Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza

Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza

Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza

Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza

Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza

Can I just say, I love the bride’s headband/tiara and statement necklace!

Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza

Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza

Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza

Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza

Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza

Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza

Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza

Ibiza Wedding Photography, Atzaro Beach Ibiza

Photography: En Route Photography // Wedding Location: Atzaro Beach, Ibiza // Wedding Planner & Catering: Cardamom Events Ibiza // Celebrant: Diane from White Horse Ceremonies

Hanukkah Table Inspiration with Glitter

Glittery Hanukkah table inspiration_0001
Today is the first day of Hanukkah so I thought I’d share a festive table I styled for Simchaclick last year, to celebrate the Festival of Lights. I wanted something simple and modern, with just the right amount of sparkle and shine (aka glitter and sequins). Miriam from Kissandchips was my ever-so-patient helper and photographer and I think she did a wonderful job… Happy Hannukah!
Glittery Hanukkah table inspiration_0004

Glittery Hanukkah table inspiration_0000

We opted for what has become the traditional color scheme for the holidays, silver and blue. Silver candles on a white porcelain platter made an understated yet elegant menorah as the table’s centerpiece.

Glittery Hanukkah table inspiration_0005

Glittery Hanukkah table inspiration_0006

Glittery Hanukkah table inspiration_0002

Glittery Hanukkah table inspiration_0003

The place settings were personalized with handmade Stars of David and glittered name tags tied around the glasses.

Glittery Hanukkah table inspiration_0007

Glittery Hanukkah table inspiration_0009

Concept & styling: Belle & Chic // Photography: Kissandchips // Tableware: Zara Home and vintage // Table runner: H&M Home


Relaxed and heartfelt Outdoor Tuscany Wedding

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0017

Louise and Alex didn’t really plan a destination wedding until they booked a couple shoot with Die Hochzeitsfotografen – and felt hugely inspired by the Italy wedding this photographer duo had had the year before (you can see it here).
After a while it was clear that Louisa and Alex were going to have their own Tuscany wedding and Die Hochzeitsfotografen would accompany them to capture the week-long festivities, which included a wine tasting, olive oil tasting and a stone oven pizza dinner the night before the ceremony. Sounds like a dream to me!

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0000

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0001

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0004

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0002

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0003

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0005

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0007

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0009

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0008

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0010

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0014

“True love is when your heart and your mind are saying the same thing”.

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0011

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0012

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0018

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0016

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0019

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0015

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0023

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0013

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0021

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0022

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0024

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0025

Tuscany Wedding from Die Hochzeitsfotografen_0026

Photography, cinematography, photobooth & stationery: Die Hochzeitsfotografen // Venue: Pian Di Filetto found through Fewo Toskana // Flowers: Stil(l)leben // Hair: Your Style // Bride’s dress: Miss Selfridge // Bride’s shoes: Peter Kaiser // Groom’s Attire: Ploug’s Stuttgart // Jewelry: Tiffany & Co.
// Wedding Rings: MR Manufaktur Michaela Römer // Singer: Christian Laurini // Marquee sign (“L & A”): Marquee Lights