DIY: Paper doily wedding chair garland



And we’re back with the last DIY from our pink spring table… the doily chair garland. It’s a wonderful way to adorn the bride and groom’s chairs.

And the cute paper doily flowers, which you will learn how to make below, can also be used for the place setting or to pretty up your favors. I love them!


You will need:

small round paper doilies

a hot glue gun

needle and white (or transparent) thread


wedding craft DIY tutorial with doilies

Using 1 doily, fold it to form a cone and twist the end a bit.

doily wedding chair decor

They will look like this:

doily wedding chair garland DIY

With your hot glue gun, glue 3 doilies together, so that they form an even and round flower.

doily flower DIY garland wedding

The finished doily flower will look like this:

doily flower how to

Now sew 7-10 doily flowers together, leaving some excess thread at the ends where you will hang the garland from.

wedding chair decor with doilies DIY

Et voila! I didn’t worry too much about the flowers being evenly distributed until I hung the garland on the chair.

doily garland wedding step by step

Arrange the doilies right on the chair and stick them into place with a little double sided tape, if needed.

Optional: To balance the look, I tied pink ribbon to the sides of the chair.

DIY doily flowers wedding

Photography: Kissandchips


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  2. These are super sweet – elegant and pretty!

    9th May 2013
  3. These are so pretty and creative! What a great idea!

    9th May 2013
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