Friday DIY roundup: Paper flowers

Today’s theme for the DIY roundup is paper flowers. They are cheaper than real flowers, equally pretty and last forever!

There’re endless possibilities when it comes to creating paper flowers, and many different materials can be used, it all depends on the look you want to achieve. For an organic feel, use kraft paper or recycled book pages, for a more delicate and real look, use crepe paper. You can also dip-dye o paint your paper before using it, adding a beautiful and handmade splash of color.

Without further ado, here come my favorite paper flower tutorials from around the web:


One: Crepe paper anemones from Ruffled. The black and white color scheme is so elegant.
Two: Watercolor paper poppies from Ellinee. This tutorial comes with painted printables!
Three: Paper roses from Oh! Crafts. This is a no-glue DIY (love that).


Four: Crepe paper flowers centerpiece by A Field Journal via The Bride’s Cafe. Elaborate and labor-intensive, but stunning!
Five: Crepe paper flowers from Martha Stewart Weddings. Martha Stewart breaks it down for us and shows us various techniques for different kinds of flowers.


Six: Storybook paper roses by Valerie Lloyd via 100 Layer Cake. Quite something for a book lover’s wedding, right?
Seven: Brown paper bag flowers from A Place for Us. An organic look for a fall wedding, they make gorgeous wall displays.


Eight: Dip-dyed coffe filter flowers from Martha Stewart via Decor8. These are actually baskets, but you can adapt the DIY to make simple flowers.
Nine: Giant paper flowers by Nata and Studio Castillero via Green Wedding Shoes. Oversize paper flowers, as single-bloom bouquets or ceremony decor, have been popping up all over the wedding scene lately. This is just one way to DIY them, see more here or here.

What do you think, is this going to keep you busy over the weekend? I sure hope so… have a good one!



  1. Love this DIY! I’ve bought some of the larger ones for party decor but these are little ones are just adorable!
    Marie (BYW)

    28th October 2012
  2. I absolutely love all these flowers, thanks for sharing such a lovely DIY.
    Alex (BYW)

    1st November 2012
  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. I’m thinking about using this for my engagement photos (the big beefy flowers) and making bouquets for the bridal party. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    5th November 2012

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