Friday DIY Roundup: Wedding Exit Ideas

The theme for today’s DIY roundup is “wedding exits”. Whether it’s the ceremony exit or your late night send-off with guesting wishing you farewell at the end of your wonderful day… If you want an exit that makes an impression, consider one of these thirteen DIY projects that I’ve found on the web. Leaving rice and rose petals aside, we’ll look at creative ways for people to welcome you after the ceremony or seeing you off after the reception.


I love the idea of wedding bubbles, I had these for the ceremony exit at my own wedding and the photos of that moment are gorgeous!

One: Bubble tin favors, including printables, from Abby Larson via Hostess with the Mostess.
Two: Bubbles in a jar with skeleton keys, from Emmaline Bride.
Three: Festive bubbles in console glasses from The Pretty Blog, printables included.


Lately, wedding wands and flags have become very popular, they are also a nice little take-home gift for your guests.

Four: Colorful cheer flags and free downloads from Elinée.
Five: Ribbons wands from Hey Gorg.
Six: Ribbon wands with bells (love that idea to add a little noise) from Intimate Weddings.


Confetti is a classic, and it can be really elegant, too (see number 8):

Seven: DIY confetti bag, because we do need something to hold it, don’t we? From Somewhere Splendid via Green Wedding Shoes.
Eight: Elegant golden confetti from House of Earnest via Style Me Pretty.
Nine: Rainbow watercolor confetti from Joke Vande Gaer via Oh Happy Day.
Ten: Geometrical confetti from Hank and Hunt, such a simple and effective project for differently shaped confetti.


And, last but not least, the way to make your send-off magical – sparklers. While the sparklers themselves should definitely not be made at home (unless you have a degree in chemistry), you can customize their presentation.

Eleven: DIY sparkler printables from Lucky No. 9 via The Pretty Blog.
Twelve: Wedding sparklers with matches via Brides.
Thirteen: Custom sparklers via Style Me Pretty.


I hope these DIYs and tutorials have given you some ideas, happy crafting, belles!


  1. Great round up. I wish we could make sparkling bubbles. :)

    30th January 2013
  2. These are really nice ideas, thank you :)

    17th May 2015

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